Food Photographer Indonesia

Food photographer Indonesia for Bakery and Cake

Food Photographer Indonesia for commercial food photography in Indonesia.  Food photographer Indonesia who shoot  for many kind of food including bakery and cake.  Food photographer Indonesia usually love to shoot this kind of product, it is sweet and look tempting already, now the challenge is to eliminate some of extra shiny surface.

The special lighting technique is needed to ensure the cake does not look all glossy with strong highlight.  Showing the right texture is also a crucial matter.  Food Photographer Indonesia is learning by doing not so much on theory, it is a cumulative experience in years.

Food photographer Indonesia is an expert in many food type and beverages too. Look for our simple charging and a result of greatness. We are offer 2 types:

  • Simple service; you cook, you style, we set light, we shoot for you (non stylist, shoot whatever it is)
  • Food style photography; you cook, we style, we set light , we shoot for you (stylist with arrangement)

What is the different for those service from food photographer Indonesia:

  1. Stylist, the arrangement from your chef or cook, most of the time are not optimal in making food looks good in front of camera, so stylist is need to make your product completely, shines out
  2. Budget, the budget for food stylist photographer are different than regular photographer,  its obvious more talent is involve
  3. Result, the result will be determine your consumer appetite appeal, some food are need to be shoot stylist in stylist arrangement

email us for more detail which one is the right service for you: fotografer

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